Cats | Golden Years Of Dutch Pop Music 2CD Gratis verzending in Nederland!

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CD 1
1: Jukebox
2: Goodbye my love
3: Somewhere over the rainbow
4: I'm ashamed to tell
5: Ave maria no morro
6: A fool never learns
7: What a crazy life
8: Hopeless try
9: Vive l'amour
10: But tomorrow
11: Sure he's a cat
12: Without your love
13: What's the world coming to
14: How could i be so blind
15: Turn around and start again
16: Remember the good times
17: Times were when
18: I like the way
19: Lea
20: I gotta know what's going on
21: Why
22: Mandy my dear
23: Scarlet ribbons
24: To-day
25: Marian
26: Somewhere up there
27: Magical mystery morning
CD 2
1: I walk through the fields
2: Where have i been wrong
3: The greatest thing
4: Don't waste your time
5: It's over now
6: One way wind
7: Country woman
8: Let's dance
9: I've been in love before
10: Vaya con dios
11: Don't waste my time
12: Take me with you
13: There has been a time
14: How did you feel
15: Let's go together
16: Linda
17: Maribaja
18: Time machine
19: Rock 'n roll (you give me the best years of my life)
20: Come on girl
21: Be my day
22: She's on her own

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Cats | Golden Years Of Dutch Pop Music 2CD Gratis verzending in Nederland!

€ 12,99