Shoes | Golden Years Of Dutch Pop Music 2CD Gratis verzending in Nederland!

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CD 1
1: The shuck (as white shoes)
2: Warum weinst du (as white shoes)
3: Bye bye baby (as white shoes)
4: I will be home again (as white shoes)
5: Standing and sharing
6: Ask my mother
7: Nanana
8: Listen to the lyrics of this song
9: Peace and privacy
10: Once again
11: Farewell in the rain
12: What in the world is love
13: No money for roses
14: Imagination
15: Man's life
16: I don't like to go
17: Don't you cry for a girl
18: Shooting star
19: Tank esso mix
20: He spoiled the days
21: Emptyness
22: End of the line
23: That tender looking angel
24: Trip around the world
25: Happiness is in this beat
26: My girl flo
CD 2
1: Daylight
2: Time is what i need
3: Osaka
4: Flutes, horns, strings and drums
5: Adios corazon
6: I'm on my way
7: After all
8: Highway and byways
9: Bless the day
10: Be what you are
11: Join the celebration
12: Little miss lonely
13: Face to face
14: No one knows
15: Up and down
16: She la la
17: Make up your make up
18: Good morning everyone
19: The hour comes high
20: Bumpy sound
21: Who am i
22: Angel of the night
23: In my dreams
24: Donna

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Shoes | Golden Years Of Dutch Pop Music 2CD Gratis verzending in Nederland!

€ 12,99