Tee Set | Golden Years Of Dutch Pop Music 2CD Gratis verzending in Nederland!

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CD 1
1: Early in the morning
2: Nothing can ever change this love
3: Believe what i say
4: Don't mess with cupid
5: Don't you leave
6: Long ago (now it ain't so)
7: Please call me
8: So i came back to you
9: Now's the time
10: Bring a little sunshine
11: What can i do
12: Colours of the rainbow
13: Tea is famous (in the whole wide world)
14: Since i lost your love
15: Life's but nothing
16: Join the tea set
17: This rose in my hand
18: Sittin' on the highest mountain
19: Red red wine
20: I won't stand between them
21: Mr. music man
22: Good old john
23: Ma belle amie
24: The angels coming (in the holy night)
25: Finally in love again
26: Charmaine
CD 2
1: If you do believe in love
2: Here in my house
3: She likes weeds
4: A country ride
5: In your eyes (i can see the lies)
6: You keep me rockin' (honey)
7: Little lady
8: I believe in you
9: A sunny day in greece
10: So long my love
11: Shotguns
12: Horizon
13: Mary mary (take me 'cross the water)
14: In the morning of my days
15: There goes johnny (with my lady)
16: But i love it
17: You bringing me down
18: Out of my head
19: The bandstand
20: Angely
21: Do it baby
22: Fill the world with joy
23: Linda linda
24: Get it now

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Tee Set | Golden Years Of Dutch Pop Music 2CD Gratis verzending in Nederland!

€ 12,99