Wally Tax | Golden Years Of Dutch Pop Music 2CD Gratis verzending in Nederland!

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CD 1
1: My world fell down
2: Tomorrow is another day
3: It's the end
4: Maria
5: Sister theresa's east river orphanage
6: Sunday will never be the same
7: Lovely loretta
8: Here we go again
9: Goodbye my love
10: I can't go on loving you
11: Radio song
12: Bye, bye, bye
13: Catharina baby
14: Nobody wants to be near me
15: The bus
16: Scarborough fair
17: My world is empty
18: Memories of melinde
19: Een popzanger
20: De klokken van het dorp
21: Wie ein himmel voller sterne
22: Deine sorgen mocht ich haben
23: Were you there
24: Love one another
25: Unga keboyeh
26: Pretty madonna
CD 2
1: The secret of you and i
2: Stick-a-lee
3: All good gifts
4: By my side
5: Day by day
6: My girl donna
7: Wait
8: Arizona
9: I can't sleep
10: Let it be me
11: In the evening of my lifetime
12: Donna
13: Ich wil dich fur's leben
14: Fur dich allein
15: Komm zuruck nach arizona
16: To know you is to love you
17: Pack your bag
18: I don't want to go on without you
19: Summertime has gone
20: Listen to my song
21: Come on little honey
22: Silver queen
23: Country wine
24: Barbara ann
25: Disco kidd
26: Because
27: Ma belle amour

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Wally Tax | Golden Years Of Dutch Pop Music 2CD Gratis verzending in Nederland!

€ 12,99